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Everyone wants their ideal child birthing experience but when things go awry, we find ourselves not knowing our options of what to do. Did you know the power of a birth plan is more in exploring options, preferences, policies and different scenarios that may arise during labor/birth?

With this 60-minute planning session:

  1. Discuss Determine your birth philosophy
  2. Decide who will be with you as you labor and give birth
  3. Be prepared for the unexpected
  4. And if you haven’t already we will talk through how to choose your provider and birthplace

You’ll leave this session being informed, educated and know your goals as well as the best ways to reach those goals. Should something unplanned happen, you have a basis for making informed decisions while not being completely defeated.

Be prepared and feel confident in your choices.

Note: We are not promising your ideal birth experience. This session is different than attending a childbirth education class. If you’d like to schedule a class with us head here.

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  • Ceramic – 15oz mug


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